Sunday, July 26, 2015


The fascinating world of binge drinking
It has a mysterious way of transforming our personalities into caricatures of their former, sober selves, or turning us into the complete opposite of the person we usually are during the day. 
Everyone seems to have a drunk personality. 
But for the first time, science has decided to step in and define the main types of drunk personalities out there, and just how many people fall into them. 
Turns out there are four, and after a few shots of Tequila, you may just become one of them.
Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia, publishing their findings in the journal Addiction, Research & Theory, decided to take to the bars for their study on drunk personality, and examine the most precarious binge drinkers around: college students. 
Looking to 374 “drinking buddies” from a Midwestern university, researchers asked students to give self-reports on their behavior both before and after drinking.

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